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Soooooo........Yeah I've been writing the prologue for my story and its a pretty long one too. Much of my chapters are long so don't flame if I'm taking too long (all good things comes to those who wait :)).But there's a matter at stake. I actually have a question for all my followers.... What Title should I use?

You see, I want to make the story title sound cool while also having a deep meaning behind it. So I came up with a list of titles I  came up with and I want you to vote on which ones better. Each titles going to have a number beside it. At the bottom of the comments, vote on the number you think is best and that will the title of my story. Thanks and God be with you! ( P.S. My Journal entry will probably be short most of the time.)

0) Deux Ex Machina ( Original Title )
1) A.D.: Artificial Divinity
2)New Grimm: X-Fables
3)Desdemona Valdis ( Ill-Fate Death Goddess )
4)Pasaku Traģēdijas ( Fairytale's Tragedies )
5) New Century Renaissance
6) Heartland Zealots
7) M
Vote down here on which is your favorite title and you'll get to see what the title of story will be! Markiplier and Matthias Dancing WITCH I'M FABULOUS!!! -Markiplier (request) 
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January 8, 2016
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